The Melancholy Rambler band mates and their instruments

The Melancholy Ramblers have been playing together for 40+ years and are based in Austin, Texas.

We’ve played at many venues including
Saxon Pub, Cactus Cafe, The Broken Spoke, and the New World Deli.

The Melancholy Ramblers have even played in East Berlin
representing the U.S.A. in a “Concert for Peace” held after the Berlin wall came down.

Frances Barton and her accordian.

Frances Barton

Vocals, Accordion, Piano

Marco Perella playing his hummel.

Marco Perella

Vocals, Hummel, Percussion´╗┐

Brady Coleman headshot.

Brady Coleman

Vocals, Guitar, Fiddle, Harmonica, Yodel´╗┐

Blackie White playing his guitar.

Blackie White, a.k.a. Guy Juke

Bass, Banjo, Guitar